How to Stencil a Dry Erase Board | Christmas Stencil Project | Oak Lane Studio

How to Stencil a Dry Erase Board | Christmas Stencil Project | Oak Lane Studio

Splash that boring old white board with some colorful cheer with this Dry Erase Board Christmas Stencil Project from Oak Lane Studio!

Here's what you'll need:

What you'll need

Why Markers Don't Work

Markers don't work

Dry erase markers simply don't work with stencils. The thin nature of the liquid colorant causes it to "bleed" underneath the stencil, ruining your efforts to brighten your classroom or boardroom.

To successfully stencil your whiteboard, use the following technique:

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Take your stencilRepositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray underside of stencil

First, use Repositionable Spray Adhesive and spray the underside of your stencil. Wait thirty to sixty seconds for the spray to become tacky.

Frog Tape

Position the stencil on the white boardFrog Tape painter's tapeSecure stencil and mask off "snowflake"

Position the stencil on the white board where you want the design to go and apply even pressure around the stencil to help it stick.

Now, use some Frog Tape painter's tape to help secure the stencil in place and also, if desired, to mask off the areas surrounding the design elements where you'll be applying the first color.

Mixing the Paint and Dish Soap

Primary Blue Americana acrylic paintA small amountRegular dish soapAn equal amountMix thoroughlyRemove excess mixture from brush

You're going to use paint on your dry erase board...but don't worry! We're going to make it so that it washes off easily. Tip: use vibrant colors that contrast well with the white background.

Shake your bottle of Americana Acrylic Paint prior to pouring out a small amount onto a paper plate.

Next, add an equal amount of dish soap and stir to mix thoroughly.

Remove excess paint, first using the edge of the plate, then by swirling the brush on a stack of paper towels.


Lightly stipple mixture through stencilRemove tape covering "Merry"Primary Red mixed with dish soapFinish up red textKelly Green mixed with dish soapPeel stencil straight away

Apply the color by lightly stippling the paint/soap mixture through the stencil. Go over any areas a second time if necessary to even out the shade.

Remove any masking tape and repeat the earlier steps for the next color.

Finally, complete the design using the final color.

Once you're finished, simply remove the tape and lift away the stencil to reveal your fanciful holiday decoration! You can even use different stencils to create a festive border around your entire white board.

Easy to clean!

The color is super easy to remove using just soap and water.

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