How to Stencil a Name on Fabric | Custom Stenciled Name Lunch Bag | Oak Lane Studio

How to Stencil a Name on Fabric | Custom Stenciled Name Lunch Bag | Oak Lane Studio

Your loved one will definitely make an entrance with this Custom Stencil Lunch Bag Project from Oak Lane Studio!

Here's What You Need:

What you need


LunchbagOpen it up wideFill space with empty box to keep sides rigid

First, find a box or other object to fill up the space inside the lunch bag and make the sides more rigid.

On protected surface, turn over stencilRepositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray underside of stencil

On a protected surface, turn over your custom stencil from Oak Lane Studio and spray the backside with Repositionable Spray Adhesive. Do this in a well-ventilated area!

Mixing the Color and Fabric Medium

Position the designTake some Desert Turquoise paintPour out a small amount onto a paper plateAdd some Kelly GreenAdd some Titanium WhiteUse a stencil brushMix until paint color matches that of the lunchbag handlesTake some Fabric MediumMix in an amount equal to that of the paint

Wait a few seconds for the spray to become tacky and then position on the front of the lunch bag.

Next, mix some Americana Acrylic Paint until you've achieved the desired color. To match the sea foam color of the bag handles, I mixed a bit of Kelly Green and Titanium White to Desert Turquoise.

Finally, add some Fabric Painting Medium in a 2:1 Paint to Fabric Medium ratio and mix thoroughly.


Remove excess paint from brush using edge of plateFurther remove excess by swirling brush on a stack of paper towelsBegin stenciling

Coat the brush thoroughly with paint, then swirl the bristles on a paper towel to remove any excess. The brush should be barely wet - too much paint will cause bleeding underneath the stencil.

Apply the paint in multiple light coats.

Use light coats and a chopstick to hold nearby areas of the stencil flat against bagOnce finished, peel away stencilVoilà!

Use a chop stick or similar device to hold the stencil flat against the soft surface of the lunch bag.

Continue adding five to ten light coats until the desired shade is achieved.

The paint can be permanently set onto the material using a clothes iron. Be careful not to set the temperature too high, however. Also, keep the iron moving and only make contact for a few seconds. Otherwise, damage to the bag material or stencil paint could occur.

Once you've finished painting, simply lift the stencil to reveal your beautiful custom labeled lunch bag! It makes the perfect gift for anyone that takes their meals to work, especially a child or spouse. 

Add some personality to your next lunch!

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