DIY Window Decorations | Christmas Wreath and Presents Window Stencil Project

DIY Window Decorations | Christmas Wreath and Presents Window Stencil Project

Your holiday spirit is sure to come shining through with this Christmas Window Stencil Project from Oak Lane Studio!

How do you stencil on windows?

Oak Lane Studio has everything you need to stencil on windows. We have an incredible selection of stencils, stencil brushes, stencil adhesives, snow frost spray, and any color paint you can imagine. We can also make any custom stencil using your design!

How do I attach a stencil to glass?

There are multiple ways to attach stencils to glass. We recommend using a combination of our Repositionable spray adhesive, which you spray directly onto the stencil itself, and some Frog Tape painter’s tape for extra protection around the edges.

What can I use to stencil on glass?

We off a wide variety of stencils for all occasions and themes, including all the major holidays and all four seasons! You can also call us or visit our website, to order a custom stencil using your own design or text!

Can you stencil paint on glass?

Absolutely! You can easily stencil any of our dozens of colors of acrylic paints (or a mixture of colors) simply by adding a little dish soap to the paint. This allows the paint to be easily washed off when it’s time to stencil a new design.

Do you pull stencil off wet or dry?

Stencils and any additional masking materials should be removed while the paint or window frost spray is still wet. This allows for easier removal of the stencil and also helps to keep the edges of your designs nice and crisp!

What you'll need

Repositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray the top side of the stencilRepeat for the other stencil

First, spray the front side of your new stencils with Repositionable Spray Adhesive and set each one aside to dry.

Frog TapePosition the "wreath" stencilTape the corners to help secure it

Next, use Frog Tape in the corners to help position the wreath stencil in the proper place.

Position the "gifts" stencilUse tape to secureTear appropriate sizes of newspaperMask around stencils using newspaper and tapeDo the same for the opposite side...and for the space between the stencils

Repeat for the presents stencil.

Next, add pieces of newspaper to mask the areas surrounding the stencil to protect them from overspray.

Snow FrostUsing respiratory and eye protection, spray through the stencilUse light even coats

Follow all instructions on your can of Santa Snowfrost and spray the window through the stencil.

Remove the tape holding the newspaperRemove the newspaperRemove the top stencil

After waiting a few minutes for the spray to dry, carefully remove the paper and stencils.

Position the snowflake stencilMask the area below the stencilStencil the snowflake elements

Carefully and without rubbing or scuffing the existing Snowfrost, place and secure the snowfall stencil.

Add some newspaper at the bottom.

Spray as you did earlier. If any portions of the stencil are not laying flat against the glass, apply slight pressure while spraying in that area.

If you choose, you can focus the spray on the empty areas surrounding the existing wreath and presents designs.

Lower the stencil to the next areaStencil the next area of snowflakesRepeat for the NEXT area below

Once finished, reposition the stencil so that it overlaps the first snowfall design slightly.

Apply more spray, avoiding the top edge of the stencil.

Continue repositiong the stencil until all desired areas are covered with "snow flakes".

Once completed, remove the stencil and paper to reveal your festive new stenciled glass door or window!

Finished stencilSpray the glass with glass cleanerWipe away the SnowFrost

Removing the Snowfrost is a snap using just household glass cleaning supplies.

Ready to welcome your guests for the season!

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