Boho Medallion Stenciled Serving Tray Project from Oak Lane Studio

Boho Medallion Stenciled Serving Tray Project from Oak Lane Studio

Serve up some style with this Boho Medallion Serving Tray Project from Oak Lane Studio!

What are the types of stencils?

At Oak Lane Studio, we make stencils for a variety of purposes, from interior design to home décor to personalizing unique gifts!

What to use for stenciling?

We have everything you need to for your stenciling project, including an incredible selection of stencils for all occasions and tastes, brushes, rollers, paints, adhesives, etc.

What paint to use for stenciling?

The type of paint you need depends on the application. We offer acrylic paints for indoor projects and patio paints for outdoor use. For fabrics, just mix a little Fabric Medium (available on our website) with the acrylic paint. Acrylic paint can also be for glass and whiteboards by mixing it with household dish soap.

Do you pull stencil off wet or dry?

It’s best to remove your stencil while the paint is wet. This will prevent dry, peeling paint from ruining the crisp, clean lines created by utilizing proper stenciling techniques.

How do you keep paint from bleeding under stencils?

It’s easy to prevent paint from bleeding underneath your stencil. Simply ensure that your brush or roller is barely wet with paint. This is achieved, after soaking the foam or bristles, by repeatedly swirling or rolling it onto a stack of paper towels prior to applying the paint through the stencil. Layer the color using numerous light coats.

Here's what you'll need:

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

On a protected surface, spray the underside of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

Positioning the Stencil

Next, use a tape measure to locate the center of your tray and mark it lightly with a pencil.

Position your stencil, tacky side down, with the center aligned to the center of the tray.

Press all around to ensure good adhesion.

Now you can erase the pencil mark, making sure to brush away any eraser shavings.

Prepping the paint

Shake your bottle of Light Buttermilk Americana Acrylic Paint prior to pouring out a small amount onto a paper plate.


Next, evenly load your High Density Roller by rolling it repeatedly into the edge of the paint puddle, each time picking up more and more paint.

Remove excess paint by rolling it on a stack of paper towels.

Too much paint on the roller will result in "bleeding" underneath the stencil.

If desired, add some Frog Tape to the edges to add extra stability to the the stencil.

Reload the roller with paint as needed.

If you do accidentally apply too much paint to an area causing it to blotch, simply take a stencil brush and stipple the paint to even it out.

The big reveal

When finished, carefully remove the tape and peel away the stencil.

Americana Acrylic Sealer

To protect your tray from moisture damage, add a couple coats of Americana Acrylic Gloss Sealer.

Your new Boho Medallion Serving Tray is complete and dressed to impress your next house guests!

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